About Vionix

OTC buy/sell service with decentralized feature LocalBitcoins.
Short links for payment, fast and short deal, contracts, automated escrow service, accepting payments, gifts, paying jobs, sport betting, lottery.
Just create a link, send the digital asset (tokens or coins), specify a description and a condition, send the link to people and do not worry if something goes wrong, the digital asset (tokens or coins) will return back to your address.
Coins Vionix need to add new tokens and coins to the service

Fast service

Quick creation of forms for any needs and sending in any way, setting any number of confirmations(if deal), instant execution of a given action.

Safe services

Only when deposit from all candidates is deal action. Only when activate all specified settings - deal action.

Customization services

In the settings you can include, many recipients, for example you deposit in a form 10,000 tokens and specify an automatic time distribution(for example, every month with the form to pay 1,000 tokens to the specified address)


  • Create Vionix coin
    Create website and social media pages
    Create announcements
    Create marketing company


  • Rent powerful servers
    Start development of our service
    Listing on first exchange
    Create whitepaper

    Q4 2018

  • Listing other services
    Listing on second exchange
    Create test service pages (Showing users
    how service works with test coins) Additional marketing company
    Meeting on youtube every Friday

    Q1 2019

  • Listing on third exchange
    Adding new coins and tokens to Vionix service
    Launch android, ios, windows mobile apps in test mode

    Q1 2019

  • Full-scale opening of the service
    Listing on an additional exchange
    Large-scale advertising campaign: adwords, youtube, etc.

    Q1 2019




Vionix (VION) is a MN/PoS system. PoW was used to start the network
  • Proof of Work Algorithm: Quark
  • Premine: (#1 Block) 300,000 VION (10 Masternodes to stabilize the network, 150,000 for Presales, 50,000 VION for Airdrops and Bounties)
  • Proof of Work Blocks: 0 - 1,000
  • Proof of Stake Blocks: Starting from 1,000
  • Block Time: 60 Seconds
  • Proof of Stake Max Coin Supply: 100,000,000 VION
  • Min stake amount: none
  • Min stake ages: 30 min
  • Masternode collateral: 10,000 VION
  • Maturity: 30 Confirmations
  • RPC Port: 12319
  • Port: 12349


Masternode is an integral component to the overall Vionix network. Vionix network provides key functionality such as security, privacy, and global data distribution network. Anyone can run a masternode. Hosting Vionix masternode will generate additional Vionix for its owner. The current prerequisites to run a masternode inlude (1) 10.000 VION as collateral, (2) a static public IP address and 512-1024RAM on VPS hosting.